Watermark Brand Professional App Reviews

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Don't bother

App crashes every chance it gets. Batch doesn't work. Library doesn't work. I paid for the full version and I still get ads. Emailed customer support with no response.

Pay tagging

I should be able, to watermark more than 5 pictures at a time.

Crashes when selecting NEW batch

Great program but randomly crashes. Also, there is no shadow option so watermarks get lost when photos have like colors. Please update this. This is the paid pro edition.


How to get a refund? There is no way to save your watermark and besides from doing the batch (5 photos at a time) you can’t save your watermark and have to redo it each and every time. That’s a waste of time.


Don’t waste your time or money on this. It doesn’t work like it’s advertised. Ads keep showing up even after purchase!

Use to love

My app keeps closing on me! I can’t use it


I downloaded the free version of this app and it wouldn’t work right from the “jump”. I read reviews and decided to pay for the “Pro” version because I really wanted to be able to put my own watermark on my photography that I post anywhere online.. My urge grew stronger to get this taken care of due to seeing MY photography being used and finding others using my pictures and putting their signature/watermark, etc. on MY photography. I have made several attempts to create my own watermark...... and have had absolutely ZERO success! I am going to request I be refunded my money. I am so very disappointed that one of the only apps I wanted terribly only ended up being terrible.... leaving me.... Disappointed...


I just bought the full version for $5 and I crashes as soon as I am done making my watermark! Haven’t even gotten to put it in a photo! I am very unsatisfied and I want my money back! What a waste of my money!

Don't buy it...they won't fix it

This used to be the finest watermarking program around...now, since they came out with the Batch thing and so forth, nothing works. I used to rely on this program, because I do a lot of copyrighting of my graphical art. The library doesn't work..actually, very little works. This program is a crasher! If you dig crashing all of the time, then this is for you. I have contacted them over the last few months and nothing has been corrected. The only thing I learned was from their customer service telling me that some other company was taking over the app and that they left a message for the incoming company about my complaint and issues. It used to work beautifully before they "IMPROVED" it...now it is garbage.

Useless with existing pictures

This app freezes all the time, it won’t let you add the watermark to your existing pictures, just new ones taken with the app not even your phone camera. I tried the bulk option and the app shuts down. Don’t spend your money!!


My app was working fine until today. Whenever I try to add my watermark to my picture it crashes. I’ve tried deleting the app and downloading it again but it is still crashing.


Worked great at first, now whenever I use it for the past few weeks it crashes every single time, I can’t upload or save anything. Not at all happy Especially since I paid for it.


Free trial works fine. Sadly the upgrade crashes. Haven’t been able to stamp any of my pictures for 3+ weeks and no update available nor are they responding to my emails.

Please fix these bugs!!

11/6 Update: The app is still crashing any time I️ try to use it and now I’m using some second rate watermark on another app. Please fix this! I️ loved this app, but now it’s unusable and it’s super depressing. . . I️ updated my software for my iPhone last night and all of a sudden the app is crashing every time I try to put a watermark on a photo. Please update this because the app was wonderful before, but now I can’t even use it.

Not happy

I paid for this app & it doesn’t work

Crashing and useless

Glad I’ve waisted my $5 on this worthless app. Trying to create a templates watermark on a photo and keeps crashing. Very disappointed. Even tried deleting and reinstalling the application with the same results. Waist of time and money.

Sad I spent $4.99 on this...

Does nothing but crash when I try to use a watermark. iPhone 7 running iOS 11. Very disappointed.


When I first downloaded the pro version (after trying out the free) it worked really well. Now a couple of weeks later the app crashes on my when I try to upload to Instagram and it doesn’t show you the picture in the background so that you can better decide on watermark placement. I uninstalled and reinstalled which didn’t help, it did however delete my saved marks and signature. I would also like to request an up date to create a signature feature: when tapping “undo” it would be nice it it deletes the previous line and not clear everything. I would definitely rate higher with those improvements added.

2nd time review paid pro version

I have posted a review downloaded removed downloaded again regular app and then pro app and they both don't allow me to make a water mark on a picture. When i hit next to add it closes the app. J have reset my phone done all updates. Waist of money.

Waste of money to upgrade!!

I want a refund!! The app does the watermark, but doesn’t do multiple pictures. A waste of money!!


Constant crashes and does t work right. I haven’t been able to get one image marked. A wast of 5$


Just bought this today and all it does is crash over and over after you start making the watermark. Lame.

App keeps crashing!

This app worked for a few months and was pretty confusing to figure out. Then the app started crashing and is now useless. I wish Snapseed would add watermarks to their app.

Does not work since OS11

This app is a mess since OS11 ... and despite apples 3 updates... not one from Watermark Professional. Totally screwed paid app users. Unacceptable.

Highly disappointed

Highly disappointed. Don’t waste your money. It keeps crashing!

It keeps closing,.. can’t even use this!!!

First download I was able to create a watermark and used it a few times but that was it, I cannot get past 3 steps and it closes out every time. Tried to reload and still nothing. Super irritating, I even upgraded to the pro and same thing.


Ever since I updated my iPad the app crashes. I have the Pro version. I choose the picture, enter my info, and that’s as far as I get before the app crashes. Also, I’ve contacted them numerous times about issues and they never answer. Would not waste money on this app.

Complete waste of $5

💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩 Piece o crap app And even worse customer service

App is good but...

the app keeps closing out on me and i paid a lot of money for it

It won’t stop crashing!!

I downloaded the free app first to make watermarks for my pictures I upload to IG. The free app was great so i naturally assumed the $4.99 version would be amazing. Sadly i was mistaken. The first few days worked great. Now it just crashes every time I try adding my watermark. I will be deleting the app and attempting to got my money back. Such a sad shame. Don’t waste your money. Do not download.


Wasted my money on this app. Crashes every time I attempt to watermark. Contacted the developer and never heard back. Don’t buy it!!!!!

Why pay for the pro

If it crashes now when you try to use it. You waste time typing something then when u choose next, it crashes! Good luck guys.

Uploading pictures

I have PRO and I can’t upload my single pictures!! 😡😡😡


The only this app does is crash.


I paid $4.99 for this app & all it seems to do is crash! As soon as I am ready to save my photo it goes black & im at my home screen! This app shouldn’t even be given 1 Star; it’s so upsetting!


It doesn’t work!

What happened

It was fine. And now I can’t even save my watermark and it closes. What did y’all do

Not Working !!

Ever since I downloaded the iPhone update this app has not worked. I even paid for the upgrade.

Will change when fixed

I paid $5 for the full version and I can get past editing my water mark. It just crashes. I’ve shut my phone off and restarted everything. Still won’t work. Like come on.

Save your 4.99

Garbage App. When I try to go to the next step after creating my watermark it crashes. No amount of closing the app out or anything works. I paid for this to help with my social media presence for my work but this is just a waste of time and money! What a joke!


I had a friend who used to steal my pictures from when I fly to the Caribbean and acted like she was the one who took the pictures instead of me, now using Watermark she cant do that anymore lol haha!! Thank you for saving my pictures!! This app is fast and easy to use!! 5 thumbs up! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 UPDATE: This wonderful and fantastic application doesn’t work for me anymore ☹️☹️☹️ the application crashes every time right after I’m done selecting my watermark. PLEASE FIX IT!

WAS worth it but now it just Crashes ALL THE TIME

Holy smokes... going Pro for $4.99 was great at first and then the library with all my saved watermark presets randomly wouldn’t open until every attempt just crashed the app. I dealt with it by just creating new watermarks every time and ignoring the random crashes but NOW it crashes every time I even try to create a watermark. This is ridiculous! I normally don’t go out of my way to write negative reviews but this has just been beyond frustrating. PLEASE FIX THESE BUGS and I will gladly update my review.

Does not work.

Keeps crashing. I spent $4.99 for this. I have not been able to put on watermark on my pictures

Update: Crashing & Can't access library

Update: does not function AT ALL! Once I type my watermark & move to picture it crashes EVERY SINGLE TIME. I want my money back!!! Original: Can't access my library with out crashing so I have to recreate watermark each time. Even then it just crashes randomly in The middle of editing. Would love to be able to name & move my watermarks also.

Don’t waste your money

I’ve reached out through emails at least three times to app support with not one single reply. When I first got the app it was perfect now every time I try and do something the app crashes doesn’t work at all. I’m currently out 5$


This app is horrible. I paid for the pro version of this app and even after deleting and redownloading it, it DOES NOT WORK. The photo never shows up and never saves with the watermark. Useless and a waste of money.

What happened?!?!?!?

App use to work amazing! Now every time I attempt to upload my picture to add the watermark the app crashes and doesn’t even show my picture. Had the free version it worked pretty Kool, then purchase the pro version some time ago and it worked good until this recent update. Can’t even utilize the app the way I used to. Not happy you guys have to fix this and update your app.

Please update for IOS 11

Fix your app, please. It doesn’t work at all anymore.


Not worth the money. Keeps crashing. My free app is much better.


I bought the full version and after I get everything set how I like it when I click next the app closes EVER TIME!

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