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Needs an update

I updated my software for my iPhone last night and all of a sudden the app is crashing every time I try to put a watermark on a photo. Please update this because the app was wonderful before, but now I can’t even use it.


I had a friend who used to steal my pictures from when I fly to the Caribbean and acted like she was the one who took the pictures instead of me, now using Watermark she cant do that anymore lol haha!! Thank you for saving my pictures!! This app is fast and easy to use!! 5 thumbs up! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 UPDATE: This wonderful and fantastic application doesn’t work for me anymore ☹️☹️☹️ the application crashes every time right after I’m done selecting my watermark. PLEASE FIX IT!

WAS worth it but now it just Crashes ALL THE TIME

Holy smokes... going Pro for $4.99 was great at first and then the library with all my saved watermark presets randomly wouldn’t open until every attempt just crashed the app. I dealt with it by just creating new watermarks every time and ignoring the random crashes but NOW it crashes every time I even try to create a watermark. This is ridiculous! I normally don’t go out of my way to write negative reviews but this has just been beyond frustrating. PLEASE FIX THESE BUGS and I will gladly update my review.

Does not work.

Keeps crashing. I spent $4.99 for this. I have not been able to put on watermark on my pictures

Update: Crashing & Can't access library

Update: does not function AT ALL! Once I type my watermark & move to picture it crashes EVERY SINGLE TIME. I want my money back!!! Original: Can't access my library with out crashing so I have to recreate watermark each time. Even then it just crashes randomly in The middle of editing. Would love to be able to name & move my watermarks also.

Don’t waste your money

I’ve reached out through emails at least three times to app support with not one single reply. When I first got the app it was perfect now every time I try and do something the app crashes doesn’t work at all. I’m currently out 5$


This app is horrible. I paid for the pro version of this app and even after deleting and redownloading it, it DOES NOT WORK. The photo never shows up and never saves with the watermark. Useless and a waste of money.

What happened?!?!?!?

App use to work amazing! Now every time I attempt to upload my picture to add the watermark the app crashes and doesn’t even show my picture. Had the free version it worked pretty Kool, then purchase the pro version some time ago and it worked good until this recent update. Can’t even utilize the app the way I used to. Not happy you guys have to fix this and update your app.

Please update for IOS 11

Fix your app, please. It doesn’t work at all anymore.


Not worth the money. Keeps crashing. My free app is much better.


I bought the full version and after I get everything set how I like it when I click next the app closes EVER TIME!

Crashes Every Time

I used to love this app but now all it does is pretty much crash every time I try to upload a picture. It completely made it impossible for me to use my pics in any other app after the last time I used it. I just kept getting error messages saying that my pics weren’t available. That was the first time I’d ever seen that message come up! Now I’m scared to open the app again because that error code kept coming up for hours... Truly annoyed that I paid for the “professional” level and it’s basically useless and harmful.... Hoping you all work out the kinks because it was a fairly decent app before.


I can no longer add my logo to the photos in my gallery. Is this compatible with the me iPhone update?


Keeps crashing can’t do anything!!!!!!! SUCKSSSSSSS!!!!!!!


It was working good for about 5 mins. Everytime I try to upload something or add my logo, it crashes. So frustrating!!! I would like a refund.

Force quit

I can’t do anything!!!!!! It force quits every single time! I need this issue fixed! it’s extremely frustrating

Do not buy, keeps crashing!

I purchased this app based on reviews, big mistake! I cant use it what so ever it keeps crashing and wnt allow me to watermark! I asked itunes for a refund!

X Por

I paid for the pro version of this app but every time I try to use my saved signature it kicks me out. Not a good app at all!


I loved the app when I worked. It crashes every time now.

Can’t even use

Anytime I go to make a watermark the App just shuts down. Restarted my phone and still continues.

Frustrating is an Understatement

Paid for this app only to have it crash 99% of the time. I had a library of signatures I can’t even use, and to create a new one just crashes the app. This needs to be fixed or refunded. Unacceptable.


I’ll give this more stars when the glitches stop! I created one watermark on a photo and now when I try and do another photo...it crashes every time! Also, it zooms in on some of my photos and cuts off the watermark/logo. Can’t use it that way!!!

What happen!!?

It was working great. Library worked for me. App would force quit sometimes but usually when I’m finished with a pic and about to do another.. that wasn’t a big deal to me.. but now! It won’t even open my pics. And that’s an issue it lets me pick the picture I want then it opens a blank screen. No pic to put the watermark on. Slowing down my uploads to social networks which slowing down my gains. Please please fix.

Please fix it!

I love this app, I NEED this app, and I PAID for this app! Please fix it so I can use it! It glitches every time I go to save my work which is literally the most annoying thing ever.

Was great

I paid for the full version and it was great but it no longer works since ios11.... money wasted I guess

Not working.

When I select a photo to place a watermark on it doesn’t show my picture. The area where the photo normally is is grey. When I try to select the help icon it says I haven’t set up a mail account!!!! This app is worthless to me. Not worth the $4.99 because I can’t use it for what it’s intended!! Very frustrating. I’ve even tried to uninstall and reinstall. How do I get my money back?


I bought the pro version and every time I try to save the app bumps me off! I am out $4.99 for a really crappy app! 😡

Needs fixing

Keeps on closing on me!!!!

Poor customer service

I cannot get anyone to write me an email back about this product. The batching function does not work and all of a sudden I cannot even import a photo. Again, I’m sure it’s an easy fix but they won’t even acknowledge my email

App doesn’t work at all!!

Since the iPhone’s iOS update to 11, this app does not show the photo you’re trying to manipulate when you try to bring it into the app from your photos. Kind of a big deal! I’ve written them 2 emails to let them know, and have never received a reply. I paid $5 for this app, and it worked flawlessly before the update. Now, not at all. Would love my money back.


Horrible, I want my money back

B r a v o

Awesome app. Easy to use. Professional looking.

Shuts down

So before I purchased the app I had no trouble with it. But now that I have bought the app it shuts down when I want to add a watermark. What’s up with that? I may have to ask for a refund. If I can use it what’s the point?



Needs Improvement

Please fix crash issue with iOS 11


Please do a new update it keeps closing out on me. Also, how do you store logos so they actually stay on app? Thanks.

Crashes every time after I choose watermark

This needs a quick update with ios11 immediately! Having issues on my iPad Pro 12.9”. Keeps crashing after editing the text and doesn’t allow me to upload my images


I have been trying to do the signature feature and the app continues to crash!

This app STILL isn’t working properly

Every time I try to add a watermark to a photo, the photo doesn’t show up. Can you resolve this problem or can I get a refund???

iOS 11 issues

Love using the app, but Im unable to load my photos into the app, just a gray screen after update to 11. Please fix

Save your money.

Absolutely saves nothing. And it does not watermark five photos, in fact, it skips every other photo. After upgrading to iOS 11 this app is only capable of permitting you to access it, set your signature (which you are forced to redo each time),and that’s all! It will not permit you to load a photo. I guess the jokes on me. I will continue to watch for the makers of this product, I assure you, I will NOT purchase another product created by them.

Garbage. Constantly crashes

What good is it when it crashes every time I go to save the signature? What a waste of money!

Worst app ever!!!

DO NOT BUY!!! It crashes every time. I haven't been able to use it.

The app keeps crashing

I haven’t been able to use the app for Over two weeks now because the app keeps crashing while I’m in the middle of choosing my watermark


Will let you design the watermark but when you hit “next” to apply the app closes!

Super annoying

I thought for an app I had to pay for I wouldn’t have any issues. It constantly closes on me once I get to Library button. It’s very frustrating. I’ve tried looking for a different app but can not find one. I really hope you fix your bugs & glitches in this app...

Paid and app crashes

I paid for this app now the app is crashing.

New iOS Broke this App

I used to like this app, and now I want my money back. I have tried reinstalling it many times but it no longer works. It crashes continuously and does not allow me to view photos as I put watermarks on them. I reached out to the company but no one ever responded.

Keep crashing

Please need help update still crashing 1.0.6 ...thank you for you help

Does not support iOS 11

Updated my phone. Now this app is useless. Great.

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